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Composer/music writer

DBS Disclosure Level

  • Enhanced

Music copyist/transcriber

  • typesetter, engraver

Music teacher (online)

  • Composition
  • Piano

Music teacher (private)

  • Composition
  • Piano

Music teacher (theory)

  • theory, analysis, and practical musicianship

Performer (instrumentalist)

  • Piano

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performing as pianist with the London New Wind Festival on 9th November 2020

Sasha Valeri Millwood performs works by Colin Bayliss (duo with oboist Catherine Pluygers, at 00:35), Sonja Grossner (pianoforte solo, at 09:01), Louis Johnson (ensemble, at 23:15), Peter Lawson (duo with flautist Simon Desorgher, at 29:50), and Patrick Burgan (duo with clarinettist Philip Edwards, at 39:04)

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